Saturday, 23 July 2011

I'm here!

So...after 14 hours to Dubai, 3 hours there and another 6 to Frankfurt, I made it here!
The flight was a nightmare because there were a lot of sick babies where I was sitting who cried and coughed the whole time, though the plane itself was very comfortable. Once in Dubai I frantically searched for the terminal that my next flight was departing from. It's a HUGE airport! I had to catch a bus, which drove for more than 20 minutes to the main terminal. Once I got off the plane and the outside temperature was 35 degrees! This was such a nice surprise, but I didn't get much time to thaw out. I walked, I walked, I walked to the terminal (I think all up it took around 40 minutes)! Then there was nowhere to sit, so I joined the other hundred people who were sitting on the floor. Anyway, that was the flight.

When I finally got here I was just SO happy to see the Crandalls and to finally be in Germany. We went onto the base to get a couple of things before we came home and then spent quite a bit of time catching up. I just can't believe how big little Allie is! She's such a grown up now and never stops talking! This morning we went back to the airport to get the rest of the crew. There was a lot of banjo playing on the way back in our over crowded car. Parker's really into bluegrass these days. We managed to fit 7 people and luggage belonging to 3 plus some groceries that we got on the way home! It's so so nice to see everybody again. They're all pretty tired. Abbey's been napping on the sofa all afternoon.

Allie and I went down to the lake for a bit to play catch and walk around...though it started to rain and we ended up coming back home. I've included some pictures.

Tomorrow is Allie's baptism, so more on that soon!

Miss you,


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