Thursday, 21 February 2013


Here's what's been happening lately -

Jordan persuaded me to take the 2 and a half hour train ride down the coast to see a Science Fiction display in an Art Gallery. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as he'd hoped... We then spent the day entertaining ourselves in the small town of Warnambool. This is what we spent most of the day doing -

In other news, I finally convinced Jordan to wear that bow-tie

We went on a trip to the Otway National Park (2.5 hour drive) where we had a weekend in a log cabin with ocean views (wedding gift). Here are some pictures.

I have been crocheting, cooking and I start a quilting class for beginners next Monday (I also hired a book on knitting from the library, but I've yet to start). This joblessness is giving me a chance to build and develop important crafty skills (and it's so much fun)!

Jordan has been playing guitar and assisting with yarn selections at our local craft store
Jordan proclaimed that he could tell the difference between Pepsi and Coca Cola. My parents put him to the test (literally) and they went out and purchased 7 different cola types for him to prove it. He nearly made it. Nearly...

My university degree arrived in the mail. I'm now an official University of Melbourne alumna.

And as we wait, wait and WAIIIIIIIITTTTTTT to hear something about my visa, we're trying to not let it bug us as much. But I'm still belting out this number in the shower quite frequently 

- Alice

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Anna Mccoy said...

Did you say Otway is a TWENTY FIVE hour drive or a TWO POINT FIVE hour drive??? :) I've been wanting to make that little road it worth it?

By the way, I am sitting here devouring your salad good!