Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Last Week

Last week was spent at home. It was spent at home because:

A. Exams were finally over and I had no place I needed to be (quel relief!)

B. The time had come to start packing up and sending belongings home to Australia

C. I had a terrible head ache that wouldn't go away

Well... I did get out a little. The sun was shining, I was liberated and I was in Lyon after all. Here are some snaps:

On Friday I packed up camp and headed to Paris, where I spent two days with Chloé. It was cool to see her new studio apartment. While eating by the window I jokingly said 'so all we're missing now is a view of the Eiffel Tower.' She then casually pointed to the right and told me that it was just there. Here is a photo of said view.

We spent one afternoon walking around the Tuilléries. It never gets old... And it's so beautiful this time of year.

Then I said good bye to Paris again, this time for a while...

And got on a plane to fly 11 hours West... To be with Jordan in the United States. Because sometimes amazing places are just more fun when you explore them with the person you love.

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Unknown said...

Alice, in the mountains! With fresh air and nature and a slurpee! Omigosh, you must really love him!
(Jordan, I take my hat off to you.)