Sunday, 26 August 2012

It's Not The Way You Think It Is

These days I'm having difficulty knowing which way to look when I cross the street.
In Australia, it's all reversed. We drive on the left side of the road, so this means that you need to look right, left, right before crossing the road. I had several near death incidents when I first arrived in France a year ago... And now I'm having to deal with all of this all over again. I feel like there should be signs painted onto the road here like there are in London.

Here's one I took on my trip to London in January:

It's not only the roads... But also when opening doors. You need to turn the key the opposite way to which it would be turned in France. Reverse culture shock is ok, but this is a challenge! Now, several times a day, I need to tell myself 'it's not the way you think it is!'

I wonder how long it's going to take me to get used to this before I move to America and need to do it all over again! I suppose it's good mental exercise...

In more interesting news, congratulations to Shelby and Ryan, who welcomed the newest member of their family into the world just 2 days ago, Wesley. She's beautiful and I'm so happy that I'll be hers and Maxwell's aunt after Jordan and I get married this December. I think a trip to Florida will definitely be in order next year!

I also found out the other day that Jordan is a descendent of Daniel Boone's! That's so cool. I was very excited (probably far more excited than Jordan himself). I'm marrying into a family with a very rich cultural history! Here's the Daniel Boone theme song from the 1960's TV show.

- Alice

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