Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Farewells and Nice to see yous

Susan and Brian left for their cruise last Friday. They went to Rome for 2 days and then from there were going to go on a cruise around some Greek islands. It was a very quick goodbye - as their shuttle arrived 10 minutes earlier than expected. Saturday we went shopping and I bought a couple of 'essentials' from H&M eg. rain coat and jogging pants. Also, I bought some really nice shoes, completely leather for US $64 on base. They were so cheap! Fossil ones as well. I had my first butter and chive pretzel and then we went grocery shopping at the commisary (that's the American supermarket on the base).

Yesterday (Monday), I cooked up a storm. Chicken ratatouille and Pavlova. Unfortunately here passionfruit doesn't exist, so the pavlova had raspberries, blueberries and kiwi fruit on top. It was still very nice. Jurek arrived at around 1.30 in the afternoon. It was so strange to see him and to have everyone together, but I still enjoyed it. After lunch we all said our goodbyes....Allie didn't take it so well, and then we left.

On the way back to Jurek's home we stopped in a really beautiful town right on the Rhine called Koblenz (Mum I am sure that you've been there). It was just so cute. I couldn't stop taking photos of it. I've including some pictures in this post. The big monument is of Kaiser Wilheim the 1st I think? He united the German states.

Jurek has such a beautiful home! I really thought that Earl and Wanda's house was the nicest I'd ever seen and coolest in terms of architecture (do NOT tell them, Dad) but this outdoes it. I'll take some photos so you understand. His parents are such lovely people.... and the language barrier is very funny.
Jurek and I haven't killed each other yet...but it hasn't yet been 24 hours, so we will see how that goes.

Today is either Holland or Cologne. It's beautiful weather today (finally)!!! FINALLY FINALLY! It almost feels like summer! I'm so excited. Maybe today I won't have to wear a cardigan.

Anyway, I shall post another blog before leaving for Lyon on Friday.

Miss you,


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