Thursday, 18 August 2011

La Vie Lyonaise

Todays original plans were as follows:

- Clean room
- Do laundry
- Print photos
- Meet Chloé at the station
- Eat
- Go to university
                             I succeeded to do three of these things. I'm not saying which ones so that there is minimal judgement passed. On the contrary, I was RIDICULOUSLY DISAPPOINTED when I arrived at the place that I was supposed to 'present my self as soon as possible on arrival at Lyon' was completely closed. There was no way in. Anyway, I sent them an email back - go figure. I've been here two weeks and I tell you I've already had enough of French bureaucracy. Chloé and I walked along the quai and complained about about the 35 degree heat. When we crossed the bridge, we saw two pools. I could have died. You see, the reason why summer is so fantastic (usually) is because with summer comes going to the beach and lying on a tiled floor eating watermelon. Summer in the city isn't nearly half as fun. Your options are:

A. Go to the pool
B. Laugh at the funny sounds your voice makes when you stick your face into a fan
or C. Shower every 2 hours
                                          As you can see.... Chloé and I weren't thrilled about the trek along the quai that came with my university being closed. Thanks a lot Mr sir administration at Université Lumière, you made our summer's day difficult and the wind didn't help either! If only you knew what it's like to be a girl in a skirt on a windy day.... Anyway, it was beautiful, I can't deny that.

I refused to get a drink at the 'Ayers Rock Bar' which we consequently found next to a black swan...maybe they imported it from home... who knows? So anyway, we had an unintentional, rather pricey soda at the bar next to it. We did some necessary shopping on the way home (school supplies, oh boy!) and then made tortillas for dinner. As Caro, Aziz, nor Thomas was there - we lit some candles and enjoyed our meal time. (For those of you reading this who are not French, it is important that you understand that meals here are sacred. The French eat VERY VERY VERY slowly, savouring every texture and flavour... and put aside a lot of time to eat properly. I do not eat very quickly. I'm not just saying that either, I don't! But here I consciously eat slowly so that I'm not awkwardly gawking at everyone else at the table for 20 minutes while they finish chewing). When my house mate, Caro told me how horrified she was when she saw people in New York EATING AND WALKING AT THE SAME TIME, I knew that my hypothesis was correct (and yes, even though I don't know science, I know what hypothesis means, sciencey friends). Meal time is a sacred practice. Anyway, maybe Chloé and I did it a little wrong this evening, make up your own minds...

Tomorrow we're off to Toulouse! I can't wait! I need to's late. I need to pack my suitcase! I need to many things and above all wake up before 6am, but I can do it!

Be back soon with stories from the South


PS. The font and spacing is a little different today - please don't be too disappointed by the blog's appearance. It'll be better soon.


booqiboutique said...

Can I imagine eating SO slowly? Probably not. I LOVE eating don't get me wrong but sometimes you just need to eat and its in the way of other things. Eating and Driving, Eating and Walking.. fills in the time right?

Love the Pics Alice x

Bonnie said...

Loved this post! As I think I've said before, you have a talent for writing, and with my imagination (and help of your picture <-- which are wonderful by the way) I feel as if i'm there too! And I jolly well wish I was! Sound like you're having an amazing time! Keep up the fantastic writing!