Friday, 2 September 2011

Nordic Home

The journey 'home' began at 10am on Saturday morning. I was planning to leave slightly later, but my mother told me it was better to be there with plenty of time..........(insert nervous motherly tones here). Of course I couldn't check-in until an hour before my flight, and subsequently spent 3 hours walking around...eating a raspberry tart (because there wasn't anywhere to sit)...and then cursing myself for eating another raspberry tart. Other than that, everything went was slightly embarrassing when I smiled sweetly at the guy at the departure gate in Zurich for Copenhagen, then my ticket made a negative noise when he scanned it. I was a bit eager apparently, as that was the flight before mine. With my tail between my legs I climbed the stairs again to the departure lounge, listened to some awesome music and counted down the 30 minutes till real boarding.

It was so fantastic to see Micha again - but three whole years had been three whole years too many. It's so strange that she has two children now. They're gorgeous, but because I didn't see her pregnant, it's almost as if I can't believe that they actually belong to her. We came home and spent some time with Micha and Søren (her husband) after the children went to sleep.

Sunday was my birthday. Asger (the 2 year old) came parading into my bedroom carrying a Danish flag. We had breakfast, got ourselves looking a bit more put together, and set off for Copenhagen. This is what we saw.

We had lunch at Ny Havn (which is where the first photo was taken), forced the children to go to sleep, and fought of the cold (it's been colder here than back in Victoria now). Afterwards, we got ice-cream. Asger was pretty happy about this, but he was also feeling the cold.

Toke (Micha's younger brother) came to stay on Sunday evening. We had a traditional Danish meal (which I really love) and then I got to spend some time catching up with Toke. He's about to finish up his masters degree and is hoping to sell an animated children's series with some class-mates next month. I was lucky enough to see the promo which was really cool. I can't see why it wouldn't sell. 

Monday was a walk in the park (literally! It wasn't an easy day..but we had some time for a few smilies in spite of the rain and a few off moments with the little ones). This is what we saw:

Asger had his arms around Johan. SO adorable.

On Tuesday we went to a little town, as Micha needed to do a few things. We returned home with a million pairs of shoes for Asger (as apparently now is the time to buy winter shoes etc). I think she enjoyed having the freedom to do a few chores while I looked after the baby. Afterwards we went to the church where the boys (and Micha) were christened. It was a sweet little church that only has room for 40 people or so. It had a cute little garden and a simple but elegant feel. 


That night we had Anja and David (and their two sons) over for dinner. I made another pavlova. If I learn anything this year it will be how to master the art of the pavlova. Seven weeks in Europe and I've made 5 odd pavlovas. They seemed to enjoy it. I taught Asger how to count in English. He's a very enthusiastic student. He's celebrating his second birthday today. I was disappointed that I had to go back to Lyon the day before. Yesterday we took some last photos and I made the difficult journey to the airport. I'll be back home soon - that's for sure. I'm not going to miss the Danish weather though. It was 10 degrees during the day while I was in Denmark! Tuesday I was so cold that my eyes and nose were watering! It became hard to remember the warmth of Lyon.


So I'm back in Lyon now. Last night I went to meet Wendy (a friend from JCH) at the station.  We were pretty excited to see each other! We spent last night catching up, and then this morning I started uni! It was mostly administrative things. We had to sit an exam (it was fine) and tomorrow I start actual classes. I'll write about it and my other Lyon adventures in the following days.

I miss you guys! I'll get around to more postcards soon and do the 'write' thing haha. Pun.
Until then, 


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