Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stress? What? No! Never!

The last week has been full on. No, really - FULL. ON. Let's start with school...
At the moment I'm doing a French language emersion program for foreign students. I have some very interesting teachers who A. Think that they need to teach university students from schools like UCLA, my school and Penn State how to take notes in a lecture theatre and B. Are ridiculously French, full of gestures AND have no fear swearing in English in front of a class of American students. Intrigued? Well - to say the least, it has been an experience...

I have tackled papers in French about the political and economic standing of Australian women knowing little knowledge, I have battled to keep my eyes open in classes concerning the simple past tense and correct use of adjectives, done a speech in French with a German girl who can't speak the language AND warded off illness. Why? Because even though this year's going to be slightly challenging, I am determined to succeed in any way, shape and form possible.

In other news, I nicked off to Grenoble for the weekend to see Chloé (because seeing Chloé is much easier these days). In fact, it's fantastic....because I can simply think to myself  'I'd really love to see Chloé....OK! I'll get on a train and in an hour I'll see her'. Too easy (and yes, thoughts ARE in italics). We met up with some of Chloé's friends from Réunion, I saw Sabrina again (another friend from Réunion) and we went to the middle of town. I LOVE Grenoble (just so that you all know). It's so beautiful and I think it's the perfect size. Look look look!

Can you see the mountains behind?

This region has a funny thing with elephants...I should research it a little

So appart from the 5 or so hours I spent on my back, moaning about stomach pains again (I know, I'm pathetic - stress makes me ill, and no I'm not too sure how life will be in the real world...) Grenoble was fantastic! What's better than a change of scene and escaping my SUPER STRANGE, SUPER ANNOYING house mate?

Which brings me to, I know that living in the world bla bla bla, you need to know how to work and put up with people that you don't particularly get along with. Well folks, try living with one (someone you don't get along with I mean)! Let me do a brief summary -

- He whistles. ALL THE TIME (toilet included)
- He believes that Coca Cola is more important than water (and fruit)
- He sings 'SALUUUUUUUUUUUUT' and waves madly at me from the living room when I arrive home from school in his ridiculous German accent
- Oh and he NEVER and I really mean NEVER NEVER cleans ANYTHING
- Eats ALL of the stuff that I will only eat (he eats everything, in brief)
- He buys PINK toilet paper.....PINK!
Ok, angst out - and he will never read this (Don't worry, I know this for a fact)

So, aside from my super busy school life (I have another essay to write today, test tomorrow, meetings tomorrow and I need to choose all my subjects tonight!) and my home 'situation' I'm looking forward to seeing Gladie this weekend, reading a good book and taking some time out.

Updates coming (proper ones) and things will hopefully be more enjoyable to read next time!

sunny, happy, floral thoughts


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