Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sun, Salads, Sandals.... SPRING!

The sun has made a comback over the last few days. You read correctly. I've been sporting sandals! Fact! There have been lunches on the balcony and days in t.shirts. There are even flower buds on the trees!

On Friday the weather was a beautiful 23 degrees. It felt like summer. It was so, so lovely.
I started my 13 KM walk at the Parc de la Tête d'Or. I love the Parc de la Tête d'Or. It's common knowledge that it's the most beautiful park in all of France, and if you saw it you would completely understand why. It's everything really that makes it so wonderful... The lake and the birds, the rose gardens and statues, the children on bikes and the old men sporting berets. It's the thin, eccentric French women sporting high heels and struggling to move in those things while feeding the ducks... The deer and the fairy floss venders. It's perfect. On Friday there was an absolute explosion of colour, as people from everywhere came out of their homes. Lyon felt like Lyon again and no more an icy ghost town.

I then made my way out one of the beautiful entrances to the park, into an unfamiliar neighbourhood and then skipped my way along the Rhône river.

I walked over the bridge and into the centre of town. There were people everywhere. Colours everywhere. People playing music, people in t. shirts, sunglasses, shorts, skirts, dresses. Cafés spilled out onto the streets while hundreds of people sat in the sun. Place des Terreaux which had been frozen just a few weeks before hand had undergone and extreme make over. Bellecour was also beautiful when I later walked along Rue de la République (Lyon's main street) and made it there.

Have I recently mentioned how much I love living in this city? I LOVE living in this city!!!!!!! I DO! Look! Flower buds and sandals in the park!

There were also salads...

On Friday evening the Relief Society had an activity where we all got to pretend to be florists! We did our own flower arrangements! It was a lot of fun and we all discovered hidden talents!

Here we all are together

So as you can see, I'm much happier, more active and a bit blonder thanks to this beautiful weather. It's supposed to cool down again this week... BUT! I am now hopeful and happy for what's to come! SUMMER, PLEASE DON'T DELAY!

Enjoy your last days of summer, Aussie dears... It's time for it to head North now. You've had your turn. 

Have a great week!


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