Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Vacances d'Hiver

So the winter holidays came around rather quickly. It felt strange that they would come so soon. I started back at uni on January 23rd and well... By February 18 it was holidays! But hey, I'm not complaining! Holidays are fantastic!

I went back to Denmark to have some down time at home with the family... During which time I was supposed to read half a book and write an essay in French on the links between racism and feminism. So... I actually had a lot more 'down time' than 'work time'. It was fantastic. I went to bed at 9.30 every night and spent some good time on the couch with my favourite Danish sweets and my favourite Danish  people. Johan is walking now and Asger is talking non-stop! That kid's a chatterbox. Needless to say, my baby Danish is making leaps and bounds. I can now understand important phrases like 'What are you doing, Alice?" and "Give me a kiss!"

We had a trip to an indoor playground, where I climbed through tunnels and slid down slides with 200 children. Those things are not designed for women sporting low-rise jeans. No. Nah-uh! I think I've outgrown my 'ball pit' days. The trip was then followed by an obligatory McDonald's stop. Asger was so excited, but also very tired (see picture below)

The boys were very very gorgeous in the car. They're so close. They hold hands all the time. I tried to take a couple of pictures of this, but I could only capture blurry shots. Here's one for you to imagine how sweet they are.

Several opportunities presented themselves for me to get the work I needed to get done, done. Both times, however had me feeling either like this:

Or this...

Instead, I played with my little nephews. How gorgeous are they? Really!

See youtube:

And the sun came out! That's right! SPRING is here! Maybe not officially, but the sun is out and I was lapping it up! The fact that it was only 4 degrees didn't have me phased. I was out there on the front porch with a bowl of fruit and an optimistic attitude. 

Yes.. Summer isn't so far away! And summer = days without coats, hats, scarves and gloves. Summer also = delicious foods, beautiful scenery and sunny adventures! I have Spain and Portugal on the menu.

The Danish flag is so beautiful with a blue sky as a back-drop. SUN!

Lyon is so lovely when the sun shines. I'd forgotten, as the last few months have literally been so dark and icy. Yesterday I arrived home to a determined Caro, wanting to make French pasteries called 'Bugnes'. After she'd called her grandmother to ask how to make them (and we'd laughed at the thought of her baking), Mela was covered in flour but eventually we had some bugnes! They're almost like biscuits... Thin and coated with icing sugar and lemony tasting things. Mmmmm. 

Another week full of adventures to be had. I'll keep you filled in. Enjoy that sun you have! We're so jealous of the heat you're getting (even though you may think it's a little too hot)!

- Alice


Just a girl said...

Your nephews are such cuties!!

Speaking of cuties, love your photos of yourself - too funny! :)

Excited for summer in Lyon - and Spain and Portugal! I loved them in the winter, so can't imagine how fabulous they will be in the summer!!

take care lovely xo

Caro said...

No no no, that is not true, i'm a good baker please! It's just it was my first trial with the bugnes, so I needed my grandma of course, she's the best for that. I'll make my crumble one day, you'll see, Im good with the "p√Ętisserie".