Friday, 22 June 2012


I'm not usually one for public manifestations, though I thought I'd write just one - since... Well it seems appropriate.

Jordan, from the first day we started writing, our emails would get longer and longer and longer. We never ran out of things to say to each other. Hearing from you was always the highlight of my day. You would share things such as

"I do name my guitars! Etta and Billie! My car is named Sue! It's silly, I know."

 And then I would try to explain Australian slang :

"A 'sook' (pronounced like 'book') is to be used if someone's scared of something ie. "ALICE! COME ON THE ROLLER-COASTER WITH ME!" 

"No...sorry. I don't think so. I'm afraid of heights and I get motion sickness."
"Come on! Don't be such a sook!' - now, Jordan, you speak some Australian."

You made me an awesome recording of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' where you even wore a santa hat (and rayban sunglasses? Although it was the middle of winter (but I would have been nervous too). You'd pretty much won me over from there forward :-)

So then we skyped....

And skyped......

And skyped

For literally HUNDREDS of hours.

Sometimes you would sing me songs by Bight Eyes and I'd head-bang along to 'Graceland' by Paul Simons (just because I wanted to make your day a little brighter - and I don't know how to dance)!

We sent each other gifts...

See bear and scarf

Though I clearly got the better end of that deal

                                           See gloves, necklace AND chocolate

Then you came to France -

And everything was exactly how we thought it would be -

- Never an awkward moment, always something to say and plenty of goofing around.

                                                 These are our 'turtle faces'

So when you left - we were both heart broken.... Because having to say good bye to your best friend for an indefinite amount of time just sucks.

Which is why the next day I booked my tickets and prepared to pack my bags for a 6-week trip to Utah.

And it was awesome!

I was able to meet your wonderful family, too! And I LOVE them all.

Which is very lucky....

Because you asked me to be your wife - 

and I said 'YES!' (because when you know, you just know... You know?)

Which means that they will pretty soon be my family, too!

                                                          (These are siblings, a nephew and cousins)

~ And eternity seems very exciting and not so daunting when I know that I'll get to spend it with you ~

So we don't know when, we don't know where - but I can tell you that I feel very honoured to become your wife, because...

I surely do love you, Jordan. 


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Maddison Snook said...

So much gorgeous! Love this post. And again, huge congratulations! I really am so very excited for you!! =) =)

collidingstars said...

that's so very lovely alice - i love love stories and yours is a good one! i'm so happy that 'you know' you know? so thrilling! so where AND when? australia or the states? such adventures ahead!

Vicsta said...

Congratulations Alice & Jordan.
We're super excited for you both.