Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Sun Shines in Utah

This last week was warm and it felt like summer. At the start of last week, Deb, Kenzie and Shad (with the girl Kenzie looks after), Ryan, Shelby, Max and myself went to the zoo in Salt Lake! It was sunny and we saw lots of different animals, but it wasn't long before we found ourselves at the zoo's most exciting attraction (according to 5-year-old Marlo), the carousel. Max and Marlo weren't the only ones enjoying the ride!

Wednesday was Deb's birthday, so I got to work and made a chocolate raspberry cake and a pavlova for the dinner party we threw for her. It was nice that everyone was together and the pavlova was very popular!

On Thursday Heidi picked me up and took me to the movies! We saw Snow White and the Huntsman (which was a little dark, but entertaining). It was so nice to get out of the house and I felt very lucky to spend the afternoon with Heidi.

We had a trip to aunt Claire's to get haircuts and a few trips out for dinner. We also had an exciting excursion to the drive-through bank!

On Friday evening I had the chance to catch up with an old friend, Sam. I knew Sam from church in Australia (she's an American, but lived there for a couple of years). We had a lot to talk about!

Saturday morning Jordan and I went shopping! Then in the afternoon there were naps before we were able to meet up with the Crandalls!

Although only half of the Crandall family were able to be here, it was so great that we could catch up while they were here visiting from New York. Brian took us all out for dinner at a historical joint in down town Lehi called 'Porter's Place'. You may read about it

 -->       HERE

After dinner, Jana took a series of portraits of me and of Jordan and I together up at American Fork Canyon (which is stunning). She recently graduated from BYU with a degree in photography and is currently expanding her portfolio. I'll post some of the pictures once Jana's finished working with them. To see Jana's photography blog, you can find it  --> HERE

I took a few pictures of Jana, too!

Early Sunday morning, Jordan and I piled into his car and went up to Salt Lake City. We saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform for a special Father's Day broadcast. It was wonderful! To be in the Conference Centre was really amazing and the voices of the choir members are beautiful.

Afterwards, we walked around Temple Square and I was able to run into my friend Anja! She's currently serving her mission there for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and it was fantastic to be able to talk to her for a little while to see how she is going!

We had a lovely evening with Jordan's father, Tim and step-mother Nancy in order to celebrate Father's Day (American Father's Day). All the siblings were there and it was nice to see everyone (and Nancy is a great cook)!

So begins my final week in Utah for this trip and some exciting things are planned. I'll write again soon.

- Alice

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