Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Journey Home

At the crack of dawn on Monday, Jordan and I boarded our flight to LA.
It was a long flight. I'm a seasoned traveller, but this flight was hard. Lots of turbulence, white knuckles etc.

My immigration status was accepted at the border - which was a huge relief!

Well, Utah is hot. Stinking hot. I'm not complaining yet, though. It's a nice change from the cold weather at home. It's been great to see Jordan's family and to meet our nieces for the first time! We've already eaten quite a bit of Mexican food... Jordan got his old job back (we think) and we're excited to move out of Chris' basement and finally into our own home.

Things are good and exciting for now - so we'll see how life begins to pan out for us very soon.

Will post soon, incl pictures!

- Alice

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Anna Mccoy said...

I'm jealous of your access to Mexican food and I miss the extreme heat! I am currently sitting by the fire thought it wasn't really that cold today :) Looking forward to hearing more of your American experiences!