Tuesday, 27 August 2013

This American Life

 on the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to soak in every American cultural experience that I can. I've been trying to notice the small differences and to celebrate them, to appreciate this funny place in the middle of the desert and to get to know the place where my dear Jordan grew up.

America: The Only Place Where....

1. You ask for a 'cone' and receive a cup full of ice-cream with a cone stuck on top

2. People decorate their homes according to most seasons, featured is one of the fall home deco sections of our local Walmart

3. At sporting events, it's not unusual for someone dressed up as a hot dog to chase someone dressed up as a slice of pizza, the crowd to stand up, sing songs and then wait for the fireworks at the end of the game.

Utah: The Place Where...

1. The mountains greet you whichever direction you turn.

2. There's an LDS chapel or temple on every block

3. Instead of 3 cheese aisles, a deli and 4 yoghurt aisles (as in the supermarket in France), Utahn supermarkets will have 3 greeting card aisles, a craft section and 2 party supply aisles.

4. The best pizza ever (possibly world wide) can be found in a quaint diner on the outskirts of town

5. We can spend time with our lovely baby niece, Maeve

6. I can land a French-speaking job with a company who sells juice in wine bottles

and yes, I am geeking out over my company ID tag.

- Alice 


Jason Medina said...

Just for the record, I have never gotten a cone in a cup with my ice cream, but that said... it doesn't surprise that you did :)

Anna Mccoy said...

Same, haven't seen that ice cream thing in America. But I AM wondering how the heck I am going to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving...oh wait, we don't have that here :( with no bright orange pumpkins here in Australia.
By the way, I feel like you and I are exchange students.