Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Before it's Time to Go

Foreword: Jana posted the pictures that she took of Jordan and I onto her photography blog. 
You can see them HERE

I've been trying to make the most of my final days here in Lyon... And in Europe, too - as I'll soon be gone for an indefinite amount of time. Who knows when I'll be up here next. On Saturday I caught up with Sarah, a friend from church. First, we bumped into some missionaries. One is from Adelaide! He knows people I know from Melbourne.

                               This reads 'It's cool to be mormon' - we think that's true!

We saw a movie and ate some delicious 'tartines' at a gourmet open toasted sandwich joint. It's an extremely popular place, tucked away from Rue Mercière. There are old cobble stoned streets and many restaurants in this area. They had some sugar cubes with conversation starters written on them. It was cute. We took some photos of these... I'll write the translations as headings.

                                                Shall We Eat Out?

                                          Do You Want to Marry Me?

                                                        (Jordan, this one's for you)                               

                                             Ouch, that's my foot!

                                           A Little, A Lot.... Passionately!

Top Left To Bottom Right: Call me on:, What are you doing afterwards?, Meet at:, My email address:, Enchanted, Do you live with your parents?, I miss you, A little, a lot, passionately..., may I get you a drink?

We enjoyed walking along the streets of this beautiful city and then visited Sarah's place. She lives in an apartment from the 18th century! It was really lovely. I was able to meet her parents, too!

On Sunday evening I had a friend from JCH come by for the night with a friend of hers. They're travelling through France at the moment and had a night to kill in Lyon. I was happy to have them stay and even got to show them around briefly.

Monday I managed to (nearly entirely) pack up the contents of my bedroom and squash it into 2 suitcases and 2 boxes. At present things are seeming to be correct (in terms of weight... Though borderline. We'll see how that goes). I made a mistake! I'm arriving in Melbourne this Friday evening, not this Saturday evening like I thought (luckily I realised this early)!

In the evening Caroline and I visited the apartment that she and Aziz (her partner, and my other house mate) will be moving into shortly. It's a beautiful old French building, in the nicest neighbourhood in town (at a very reasonable price)! It's also very close to the Métro and to the park and downtown Lyon. It's a winner! I'm excited for them. We then picnicked in the park.

So I'm leaving for Geneva on Wednesday and leaving for Melbourne on Thursday! AHH! Crazy. I'll be home in 3 days time.

Over and out,

- Alice

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