Thursday, 19 July 2012

Farewells to France

The last few days have been a flurry of squashing belongings into suitcases, several trips to the post office/bank, saying goodbyes to friends and trying to appreciate Europe for all it is before I leave it for what could be a very long time...

Emmanuel and Rock came round yesterday and we ate instant noodles (because we didn't feel like being more inventive). We then went and explored Lyon one final time...
We walked along the Rhône river, across 'Pont de l'Université', over to Bellecour and then to Vieux Lyon. We got ice-cream at the best ice cream place in Lyon (which is at Place de la Baleine) Click here to see the ice-cream shop's website.

So I've been pondering what I will and won't miss about France....

Five Things I'll Miss About France

1. Being able to walk aimlessly through old, historic streets and take in views such as this one

2. Obviously, the food

3. The public transport (Australia, seriously - everyone knows that yours is bad)

4. The Castles

5. The wonderful people I've met!

Five Things I won't Miss About France

1. The queues.... EVERYWHERE

2. The sub-zero temperatures

3.  France's Higher Education System

4. All of the paperwork in France! AHH!

5. Passers by (in their masses) stopping suddenly on the middle of roads, streets, in front of stairs.

So there you have it! WOW! What a year! I'm now in Doha, Qatar and am Melbourne-bound. I should arrive home in a mere... Well... 18ish? Hours? And I've only been travelling for over a day now... But hey, how AMAZING is it that we can travel so quickly around the world? It really is such a wonderful blessing.

I'm so grateful for every experience that I've been able to have while being abroad...

I've visited Denmark 6 times, been to Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, England, Hungary, Switzerland... The United States, All over France, but now it's time to go home (well, for another 6 months at least - then Jordan and I plan to live in America).... But home really is where the heart is!

I'm excited for the next chapter and have decided to continue blogging (though the Melbourne blogs may not be quite as exciting for most of you)

See you SOON!

- Alice

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