Thursday, 26 July 2012

Welcome Back

So, as planned I finally arrived home last Friday evening. We drove from the airport back to my parents' house, where I stayed for two days, before heading back up to college.

We had a formal dinner on Monday evening and it was nice to see everyone again (though strange being back in the boarding-school like environment after living independently for so long). It is what it is and it's only going to be another few months.

Here are some pictures from the 'Mid-Winter Dinner'

Me with Hayman

Isn't Julia a darling!

We've missed having a good belly laugh!

Classes have been alright so far. Some have been interesting, some have been less interesting - but hopefully things will mould together during the next few weeks. They usually do. I've had a week full of catch ups and early nights (apparently that's what jet-lag does to you... But it means I'm off to a good start)!

I've come back home for a few days - as here it's all things wedding. Poor Jordan has been busy all week moving house and organising the things that go along with that... But we're venue-hunting, as December fills up fast. We visited one today and are off to see another one in the morning.

Here's a picture driving into the town where I live. It was taken between rain showers.

Enjoy the weekend!

- Alice

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crgreenham said...

that last picture is stunning, Alice!