Friday, 13 July 2012

That Nordic Place

Early on Saturday morning I had an early trip out to Charles de Gaulle Airport to drop Sophie off there. She was going on to visit a friend of hers in Norway. I then went back into Paris, saw the new Woody Allen film (which, by the way was very good) and fought my way through crowds at the Louvre, where I tried to soak in some culture (but I actually spent most of the time doing personal anthropological analysis on the crowds).

It was back to the airport on Sunday morning, where I caught my flight to Copenhagen. It was sunny in Denmark that day. Now, if you haven't ever been to Denmark - I can tell you that there is no place nicer than Denmark when the sun shines. That said - it isn't often that the sun does shine here. I played outside with Johan and then we spent the afternoon at the beach with the boys.

On the Monday we spent the day at Tivoli (an amusement park in Copenhagen) for Micha's birthday. Tuesday we went to Roskilde. This time we didn't visit the viking museum, but strolled along the pedestrian shopping strip. We ate a reallly good lunch and then browsed what was on offer.

On Wednesday we went to a quaint sea-side town where Micha works occasionally at the hotel. We went there for lunch. It was SO good! The streets there were so pretty, too and we looked at the church.


In the afternoon we went to Copenhagen and I filled in some time while Micha had an appointment. I walked around the harbour. We then went out for dinner, talked, talked and talked and then to the cinema. We were actually very disappointed with the movie, though and ended up leaving early... We were so tired though, it was good to go home.

Yesterday we went for brunch in K√łge, another really lovely Danish town. We then went back home and I put my things together to leave for Lyon.

So here I am back in Lyon - for the last time. It's crazy that I leave in a week's time to fly home to Australia...

There's so much to do!

I'll write soon!

- Alice

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